Internet Traffic Expected to Quadruple by 2015, Practice safe computing!

As a direct result from the advances in technology, Global Internet traffic is expected to quadruple between 2010 and 2015 according to Cisco. Could this be a good thing? Does the internet make the world smaller? Yes it does, with a click you can see Rome in real time.  This is a great thing for school and education. But with more people on the internet will it make things more dangerous? I believe it could. This past June Sony, Nintendo, and many other huge companies are being hacked. When internet traffic quadruples, more people equals more danger. But all we need to do be smart when were online. Don’t click adds, links, or WINNER adds. These could set a Trojan horse in your system without you even knowing it!   So just practice safe computing! Peace!



iOS 5 iMessenger

Yesterday at WWDC, Apple released some huge news. iOS 5..I cannot wait for this to be released sometime this fall. This has a monumental feature that I personally cannot wait for: iMessage. This is Apples version of Blackberry messenger. I used a Blackberry for a little over a year, hated it. The only thing RIM has going for them right now is BBM (Blackberry Messenger). Now Apple has their own bbm aka iMessenger. After a year with that crap blackberry, that relentlessly kept freezing up, I purchased an Apple iPhone 4. Ever since then, I cannot get enough. I spend about 40% of my day on my iPhone. I use it for everything, and now with iMessenger, I might not even be able to put it down. Well I will have to wait till fall to check it out.

Here’s a little sneak peak:


Today, 67 years ago, allied troops invaded Normandy, France. 550,200 people died on that day, from all of the countries involved. Many of the US survivors pass away everyday, soon none will be left. We need to remember these heroes. They are ALL HEROES. The only way to remember what happened on that day is: Education. We need to have better education in schools about World War Two and what happened. And the result of World War Two affects us all even today. If  Hitler took over the world, this site wouldn’t even be here. Blogging would be nothing more than Nazi propaganda. So in ending, I applaud and give thanks to all veterans out there, of ALL wars. You will never be forgotten.