iOS 5 iMessenger

Yesterday at WWDC, Apple released some huge news. iOS 5..I cannot wait for this to be released sometime this fall. This has a monumental feature that I personally cannot wait for: iMessage. This is Apples version of Blackberry messenger. I used a Blackberry for a little over a year, hated it. The only thing RIM has going for them right now is BBM (Blackberry Messenger). Now Apple has their own bbm aka iMessenger. After a year with that crap blackberry, that relentlessly kept freezing up, I purchased an Apple iPhone 4. Ever since then, I cannot get enough. I spend about 40% of my day on my iPhone. I use it for everything, and now with iMessenger, I might not even be able to put it down. Well I will have to wait till fall to check it out.

Here’s a little sneak peak:



  1. Mishall · October 15, 2011

    why is my imessenger not connecting???

    • ddiponzio · October 15, 2011

      You shouldn’t even really notice it. Try going into settings then messages. And you will see on too options for iMessages. Make sure your messaging another person with iOS 5. You will notice where the text input is it will say “iMessenger”

  2. Charls · October 16, 2011

    People get confused between ios 5’s imessenger and the app iMessenger which you download from the Appstore. Im one of them that did. I didnt realise that the sms Message app which comes with the iPhone has the iMessenger functionality already built into it. I went and downloaded the iMessenger app from app store then realised my mistake a while later when I saw I couldnt get it to work and decided to read the iphone ios5 user manual

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