State of the Union Tweets 1/24/2012

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    The wealthiest 400 people in America now own more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans. #SOTU
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    President Obama: “Think about the America within our reach: A country that leads the world in educating its people.” #SOTU
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    RT @pourmecoffee: Whenever they show Eric Cantor, all of my plants die and I feel sad inside. #sotu
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    Cantor looks like he’s going to cry. He must be really touched by the President’s speech. #SOTU
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    Interesting Obama calls GOP bluff: tax breaks for corps bring manufacturing back from overseas. Told them write bill and he’ll sign it #SOTU
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    As long as the playing field is level, Americans will always win. #SOTU #wdaytv
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    Who keeps playing the “I wanna be the first and last one to clap” game? #sotu

Photonics West

  1. Jenoptik Presents Product Innovations at Photonics West 2012
  2. Students @PhotonicsWest – Come to hear Peter Fiske talk on alternative career paths for PhDs this afternoon 2pm Rm121
  3. Dermatology at Photonics West, from skin-cancer detection to tattoo tomography
  4. First day of BiOS/Photonics West – 90 leads, some very interesting discussions miniaturization needs – think iPhone accessory. By the wa…
  5. Advanced photonics control systems over ethernet #photonicswest Booth 2622
  6. We are off to the Photonics West Exhibition in San Francisco. If you are in the area, and interested in…