How Newton Was Wrong About White Light

Hammering Shield

It is my belief that Energy is radiated in spheres. To think instead of the emission of “waves” is misleading.

The sun is nearly a hundred million miles away, and yet its heat is still incredibly intense when it arrives on Earth. How does this work?

For starters, the sun if very big.  Okay, you probably knew that.  At any given moment, the sun is home to many trillions of light-emitting nuclear reactions. How does this situation give rise to a ray of “white” light which contains within it all colors (and thus, all frequencies)?

The answer is, it does not.

The Energy from the sun does not, in reality, arrive on Earth with any semblance of frequency. What is actually occurring is that all those countless light-emitters of the sun are sending out expanding spheres of Energy in such a barrage that their frontiers are crowded back to back…

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