Obama crashed Reddit, literally

Even though I don’t approve or agree with any of President Obama’s  policies I thought it was cool how he did an “AMA” on Reddit yesterday. It showed how important technology really is in today’s society. Word spread like wild fire on Twitter of this historic event. So many people visited the site it actually crashed! Here’s the PCworld article. What are you thought’s on people (like Obama)  using social media, is it a plus? Could it be dangerous? Let me know!


One Trillion Frames Per Second

This is why I love my field. Optics + lasers…the ideas are endless. This technology is so valuable for our future. I wish everyone would take it more seriously.

Operation Doorstep or: How to Nuke a Family of Mannequins

I feel the same way, they are creepy!


For me, there’s something profoundly creepy about mannequins. It might be those soulless, I’m-going-to-kill-you-in-your-sleep eyes. Or those smiling, impossibly unwrinkled faces. Or it might just be a side effect of my early childhood visit to a wax museum on the Isle of Wight, which still haunts me this very day. (It was like someone had purposefully set out to create the weirdest museum on Earth, complete with a terrifying Chamber of Horrors, several inexplicably naked female figures, and a truly nightmarish taxidermy collection of winged monkeys, two-headed lambs, and cats dressed as Victorians – I kid you not.)

But I digress. Mannequins. What could be worse than a mannequin? Well a whole blimmin’ community of them for starters. And on 17 March 1953, several families of these glassy-eyed dummies gathered together deep within the Nevada desert for a rather unusual occasion. They were about to experience the full force of…

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