Its been busy few months

I haven’t been on here much. I’m really busy now, between my job and my firefighting training. Oh YEAH! I forgot, I am now a member of the Lake Shore FD. It has been the best decision of my life, I absolutely love it. I’m learning so many things its amazing. I’ve met and became friends with so many great people! I’m also excited to help my community during their deepest darkest days. Tonight I complete my Firefighter 1 training, which is basically, Firefighting 101. I’m living life to the fullest right now and I urge you all into looking into your local departments and see how you can help. Its very rewarding!

God bless


Common Sense

What happened to common sense?

Why the fuck did people actually think the world is going to end?

I’m so sick of the stupidity in the US. When will we start thinking for ourselves? What happened to goals? Sorry about the rant, I just wanted to address how sick I am with this nation and the way its heading.

Also what the fuck is up with this Westboro Baptist Church? A bunch of sickos that deserve nothing but shit. That’s not a church, they worship a false god, not the God I know. My God is one of love and acceptance, their’s isn’t. And anonymous steps in and hacks and puts up a human wall in Newtown, okay there might be hope for our future.


Last time when we talked about CCDs, we were concerned with how to take an optical signal, like an image, and convert it to an electronic signal. Then it can be processed, moved, and stored using electronics. But there is an obvious question this idea raises: why is the conversion to electronic signal needed? Why can’t we process the optical signal directly? Is there a way to manipulate a stream of photons that’s analogous to the way that electronic circuits manipulate streams of electrons?

The answer is yes, and the field dealing with optical signal processing is called photonics. In the same way that we can generate electronic signals and manipulate them, signals made up of light can be generated, shuffled around, and detected. While the underlying physical mechanisms are different from those in electronics, much of the same processing can take place! There are a lot of…

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I really love open source software. Our future depends on it and everyone seems to be leaning towards it. But I do want to stress we need to secure the cloud, it could prove disastrous otherwise.

Obama crashed Reddit, literally

Even though I don’t approve or agree with any of President Obama’s  policies I thought it was cool how he did an “AMA” on Reddit yesterday. It showed how important technology really is in today’s society. Word spread like wild fire on Twitter of this historic event. So many people visited the site it actually crashed! Here’s the PCworld article. What are you thought’s on people (like Obama)  using social media, is it a plus? Could it be dangerous? Let me know!